All rights of the EYFEL brand in Turkey and the World belongs to Eyfel Ltd.Şti AND Parfümeri A.Ş.  The license term for the operation of the stores is specified in the Eyfel Franchising Agreement. With the contract made, the person is entitled to operate under the store and the related brand.

Requirements for Franchisee Candidates:

People with an entrepreneurial spirit, ambition to succeed, a successful business background and management experience. Franchise candidates with the needed financial resources for the investment are preferred.


The selected business administrator candidate is entitled to become a business administrator by participating in the training program given by Eiffel.

Support Services:

Support services are provided to our business administrators during the store opening preparations.

EYFEL Investment Conditions:

Franchisee fee is not charged. Store decoration, store rental fees and product prices belong to the investor.

Location Selection:

Shopping avenues and shopping centers with much footfall must be preferred.

Do you have any Questions?

For more information you can contact us via (0216) 356 3456 or send an e-mail to [email protected].